Mahalo Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown BandThank you to Zac Brown Band for supporting local artists and to Kimberlie G for your awesome work on the guitar strap. Take a look at a clip featuring Tafu’s carvings for the Zach Brown Band!

Moving from Oahu to Florida

November 2011 – Due to family obligations, the Langi family is relocating to Florida. Tatafu will continue to share his carving talents with others through this website and various trade shows along the East Coast, beginning in January of 2011.

Jewelry Made for Movies

Princess Kaiulani (The Movie)

Tatafu created the cross necklace seen in the feature film Princess Kaiulani. Tatafu carved the necklace out of fossilized whale bone.

Soul Surfer (The Movie)

Tatafu designed and carved the necklaces worn in Soul Surfer, a 2011 feature film starring Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Carrie Underwood.

Tafu Carves Bone Necklaces for Polynesian Culture Center Show

Ha: Breath of Life

Tatafu carved the signature pieces worn in the night show at the Polynesian Culture Center on Oahu. Tatafu’s carvings made their debut in August 2009 for the 1st night of the new night show and have been worn for every night show since then. The bone jewelry necklaces show Tatafu’s signature hand-woven cord, which is also available for purchase.

Learn more about Ha: Breath of Life at its website.